v1.0.0 - Release notes

v1.0.0 - Release notes

  1. Tuv-i17Management of universal products
  2. Tuv-i19Management of "universality rules"
  3. Tuv-i20Characteristics and character groups management

  1. Tuv-i50Adding a webservice for product creation
  2. Tuv-i52Toggle multiple select lists
  3. Tuv-i13Revision of the side menu
  4. Tuv-i18Universal product field "yes/no" on the admin panel
  5. Tuv-i70View dates of creation & modification of types and manufacturers

Bug fix
  1. Tuv-i14Panel admin on ranking results compats product
  2. Tuv-i15button "re-generate rewrite URL"
  3. Tuv-i16Submission of research
  4. Tuv-i57The selection of lines is no longer visible
  5. Tuv-i54Sorting products on PrestaShop parts pages
  6. Tuv-i55Cache on PrestaShop parts module
  7. Tuv-i36Popup of creating a compat for a product

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